The symposium is organized by Bibliotheca Baltica and Södertörn University Library

Virtually all researchers use now digital resources of various kinds. The digital humanities  go beyond this making more systematic use of specialist digital technologies.

Scholars in humanities were practically always the main target group for research libraries. Digital technologies have the power to transform humanities research, making it easier and more efficient, enabling new ways of working, opening up new questions and creating new knowledge, or answering existing questions more fully and systematically.

Discussion on digital humanities and its connection to libraries has grown rapidly in the past several years. How do the libraries face the new challenge? Are they capable of handling huge amounts of data? Do the research support services meet the researchers’ needs?

Programme Committee
Karin Grönvall  Karin.Gronvall@sh.se
Jürgen Warmbrunn   Jurgen.Warmbrunn@herder-institut.de
Robert Zepf   Robert.Zepf@uni-rostock.de

Organizing Committee
Michal Bron Jr   Michal.Bron@sh.se
Dace Lagerborg   Dace.Lagerborg@sh.se

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